Hi, I’m Amy, the voice behind the life and style blog Pretty Sweet Living. Pretty Sweet Living is my journey celebrating life, happiness, fitness and pretty crafty things too

 I have no formal training in fitness beyond the teenage obsession of pushing my physical boundaries. However we all have experience with life and happiness. So, learning and sharing what I’ve learned is important to me. This blog was born out of tremendous heartache which ignited my desire for happiness.

 I am on a journey discovering my place in this world and everything encompassing it. I am very passionate about the protection and rights of animals, charity events that raise awareness to our nation’s incurable diseases and the sacred bond in marriage.

 I share my home with my husband Todd and our two fuzzy children Gentoo and Nimbus. Todd and I have been married since September 17th 2005. He provides the sweet life for me which allows me not to work outside our home.

I am an avid blog reader and watch YouTube videos over my morning coffee daily. I hope to try my hand at Vloging soon as well.

When I am not trying out beauty products or recipes I am trotting around our small community, visiting our local nursing home, shopping, and a random errand or two. All in my favorite Brooks Running shoes.

While I am not sure where exactly I am going with this I hope you will join me in the journey and discovery that is life.

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram or Facebook as Pretty Sweet Living or you can email me at  

Thanks and Welcome !!!


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