Fuzzy Love Story

Gentoo Lynux Adams was born on April 1st 2005 into a hoarders home. I rescued him the very moment he was able to leave his mother. I would soon learn he rescued me and would continue to do so in so many ways over many years to come.

I had been wanting a tuxedo cat for a long time and had visited the shelters and vets offices in my search. Sadly I just didn’t have a connection with any of the babies I had seen and held until Gentoo. One day my Dad had called me and said he thinks he found the perrrfect baby for me. He said “Amy he has cute little white socks”! Something in my heart just clicked. I had not seen this baby yet but somehow I just knew he would be the one. I went through the work week anxiously waiting for the weekend when I could see this little tuxedo baby. I researched names, and did a lot of day dreaming. So many Tuxedo cats seemed to be named “Domino”, Tux, or Oreo. I wanted Gentoo to have his own identity per se.

My husband is in the I.T field and loves Penguins so that seemed to be where my focus was in my name search for a baby I still hadn’t seen. To me tuxedo cats often look like penguins. I had a few names in mind by the time the weekend rolled around and Todd and I could make the drive out to Arlington to see this baby. The moment I saw this fuzzy baby I was in love! My dad had picked him up and was snuggling him when we walked in. Todd had a stuffed animal of a penguin that sat next to his computer monitor. Tux was the name of the penguin and was connected to the Lynux computer system. I had learned in my research that the founder of the Lynux system had seen some Gentoo Penguins and that is where the logo for the company was born.

Gentoo was named after the Gentoo Penguins and his middle name ( i know that sounds funny but like a parent of a human child I like to have a middle name to yell to let him know Im really serious) Lynux for Todd’s love of the I.T career he had carefully built and the Lynux system he prefers. The picture you see of Gentoo being held by the scruff of his neck was part of the temperament test we were doing. Gentoo was a squishy sweet little lover form the beginning.


Gentoo has been glued to my hip from the day I brought him home. I love every little part of this sweet penguin. I did not know until Gentoo how much you can truly love a fur baby or just how much they could be bonded to you and fill your heart with such complete joy. By the time Gentoo was two we had learned he will do anything to make you happy including parroting one to two syllable words he hears people speak. When we took him in to be fixed we got a call from our veterinarian who informed us that Gentoo was ready to be picked up and was saying “Mama”. We told the veterinarian that he had been saying that for a while, however we thought maybe we were just hearing what we wanted to hear. She laughed and said no he in fact is saying “Mama” and we think he is adorable.  So yeah Gentoo is a Mama’s boy.

Over the next few years Gentoo would teach us a lot. We learned he has a pretty large vocabulary ( he can say Mama, Oh No is what he calls his daddy, Hello, No, well, Wa Wa for water) and he loves to talk and is very vocal. Gentoo loves soft blankets he can make biscuits on, he must have ice cubes in his water bowl, he loves to thief strips of paper and Q-tips, he doesn’t like to be held but will trust me for a little while to hold him. Gentoo is afraid of heights and kids and doesn’t like his head touched unless you are his Mama or daddy during a cuddle session.



Quite the personality Gentoo has! He is a bit dramatic and yes even a bit overweight, but penguins have to have some extra fluff to them for their “Egg Pouch” to keep their unhatched egg warm haha. This squishy Penguin teddy bear has loved me so unconditionally and helped me get through so much loss I just cannot imagine my life without him. What a blessing it has been to have this sweet guy for the past 11 years. Every night he heard me to bed to cuddle me to sleep and  every morning he wakes me with a gentle rub to my cheek with his little sock paws and says Mama! My heart just melts for this boy.

As I write this Gentoo is under my desk a sleep in his bed. He doesn’t like to be way from me and I treasure having him as my shadow.

I hope you all are having a good week. Thank you for stopping by. Drop me a comment about your fur baby too. If you would like to see or hear more of Gentoo he has a Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/gentoopenguincat